LDR Alumna founds one of Hartford's new nonprofits

“Too much, too soon, too fast” is how Ana Valentin-Jackson, LDR-Hartford, 2011, describes how she sometimes feels about serving as the Founding Executive Director of Cultura Mosaica, an emerging Hartford nonprofit with the mission of promoting Latino culture and heritage in the Hartford community. This leading role is a big change for Ana who spent 15 years of her nonprofit career in administrative support roles.
Ana says it wasn't until going through LDR that her leadership blossomed. She now sees leadership as "an opportunity to affect change, to empower others, and to question the status quo."  That conviction inspired Ana to take a risk and lead Cultura Mosaica. She saw a need for long-term programs that highlight Latino culture and heritage in Hartford, and Ana— with of dedicated group of supporters—is building Cultura Mosaica to fulfill that need. They are  delivering excellent programming and celebrating the contributions of Latinos in the Hartford Community.

Ana is managing the risks of leadership by knowing her strengths, a concept she learned at LDR. Though not an influencer, Ana's skills as a connector and a relator allow her to tell a story that gets people excited about Cultura Mosaica and its work. Ana's advice to anyone stepping into a leadership position is to "know their strengths very well, know their weaknesses even better and to grow there."
Thanks for sharing your story Ana! Your leadership is inspirational.